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My name is Julie Kagti. I am currently living in Mumbai, India with my husband Arvind and our two little ones, Jiya and Vir. I am a textile designer and had started SUTRA , a small textile studio in 2001 in Bangalore, which I ran till 2012.

I took a break from active work when the kids came along and now working on creating my own line of wall tapestries. I regularly hold workshops to teach weaving to beginners. The idea of a weblog came about when I was telling stories of my childhood to my children. The way things were when I was growing up, the many aspects of India that is special to me and slowly fading. My children, who are still quite small and can’t comprehend a time without mobile phones (with face time) when the whole household would literally drop what they were doing and gather around the telephone because a trunk call was coming through…

Thank you for your interest in The Curtain Call. Write to me with comments, suggestions and ideas. I will reply though it may not be immediate.Follow me on instagram #julie_indiastyle_gazing


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello, I love your website. I am a clothing designer in Canada and work with vintage and heritage Indian fabrics. It would be great to get in touch and also feature some of your writing and thoughts on our website. Vinita

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