About The Curtain Call

The curtain call is Julie Kagti’s weblog about things that are rooted in the Indian sentiment. It is intended to finding, observing and interacting with people, places, spaces and objects. This is a site to absorb ideas, products, aspects and styles that make India unique, a tribute to a way of live that is slowly vanishing. Follow me on instagram  #julie_indiastyle_gazing


10 thoughts on “About The Curtain Call

  1. Uma Sethumadhavan says:

    Its so refreshing to read this post. Nostalgia seeps in and surely its a great way for the kids to see the world through these memoirs we leave for them.

    • Thanks Uma, yes I thought this would be a great way to record memoirs for my kids and exchange with others to share with their little ones.

  2. anandi says:

    Lovely Julie. Not just for the kids, for everyone. Since you have travelled and interacted with people so much, artisans, weavers etc it needs to be shared.
    I remember seeing the Kishmiri clay pot baskets, the men looked pregnant wearing these baskets under their clothes!!
    Keep it flowing. xox

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