Heritage Architecture

Uramma house, a place of peace and rest

  In tribute to  the village goddess the house has been named Uramma, a quiet haven in the hustle and bustle of Anegundi ,the historical village, near Hampi, Karnataka.

b6f228d4f3f145c06189e3d44340a6db7e1d61a9f2d547d7a6c6ee2ba570f041Set on a 4th century foundation,this 2 bedroom house has been restored by Shama Pawar, Founder  of The Kishkinda Trust.  The form of the house has been restructured , however it retains the traditional materials, accentuated by a beautiful Neem tree around which the whole space was designed.

“Uramma house melds the history, tranquility, earthiness and spirituality of Anegundi with the modern concept of clean lines, simplicity and functionality. It is this fusion that I try to infuse into all my projects and Uramma house embodies it perfectly ” says Shama , a heritage activist from the age of 22.

This property is  part of  the Uramma heritage homes, a rural hospitality initiative, located at Anegundi , situated along the north shore of the Tungabadra river directly across  the world heritage site of Hampi.

The vision behind this initiative is to restore old properties that are rooted in the traditional aesthetics of the region and yet provide high standards of modern comfort.

For  further details please contact –http://www.urammaheritagehomes.com

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5 thoughts on “Uramma house, a place of peace and rest

  1. Congratulations for starting this blog, Julie. It’s an important cause to support. I say this from experience. Toronto, where I live, is young compared to India but its history is taken away from it with destruction of many of its heritage buildings. The motto of the time, mainly after the WWII was : “London has it better”, and Torontonians went along with some new developments on the grave of the beautiful olds. Please ask Ms. Shama Pawar to keep on and yourself with The Curtain Call. I love to visit you again someday.

    Much love,

    p.s. Would I get updates automatically?

    • Thanks Mina,yes i want this to be a platform to showcase some interesting crafts, historical facts and spaces. I will featuring a lot of people working to connect the past to the present. I really feel that in today’s world which changes so rapidly its vital to be aware of our history.
      i think you should get post automatically, if not i will check and suggest what needs to be done. hoping to see you here again soon. you always have a home here!

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