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watercrafts on the Brahmaputra

“India is another country. They do things differently there. Long cars get taken cross-wise on narrow boats. The rock wedges by the wheels are India’s nod to health and safety.” Rupert Grey on loading his Rolls on to the ferry

Ships, boats, ferries, planks are an integral part of the Brahmaputra. There are only three bridges on the river, whose entire length spans 2900 kms !

The one at Sariaghat, near Guwahati, Assam has a rail bridge. Currently this is the only railway link to the all north eastern states of India. A fourth bridge is under construction at Dibrugarh and will be a road cum rail.

Thousands of people still cross the river daily to go to work, school, shops or to get medical aid.  Hence it is a common site to see ferries filled with people, motorbikes, cycles, live stock, daily shopping that varies from vegetables, large Godrej cupboards to vehicles of all kinds.

The Kaziranga sanctuary also relies on boats donated by the International fund for animal welfare and wildlife trust of India to rescue animals during floods and move them to safety.

I have put together some visuals that tell a wonderful story.

On a family picnic


Ferry crossing


Fishing boats at the onslaught of the Monsoon


A pilot boat


At Kaziranga, boats to help rescue animals during floods


Cruise ship




Local fishing boat near Guwahati

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12 thoughts on “watercrafts on the Brahmaputra

  1. Hershey says:

    Would love to go with you Julie on one of these water crafts:) beautifully captured!! Loving your blog!! Kudos!!

  2. Fascinating stuff…lots of Landing crafts from WW2 were shipped in for inland water transport and are still being used…love to drift/sail down the river…Mark Shands books “River Dog” details that so well…

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