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Definition of Indianess (3) – artistic portrayal

woman-poster-ES15_l   Since childhood, I have always been fascinated by the artwork on billboards, posters created to convey various messages on general knowledge or public health etc, calendars, matchboxes and cinema hoardings. I believe it tells a lot about our collective Indian aesthetics and the way we perceive ourselves. Calendar art works  managed to depict more in one picture than many words in a paragraph. Common subjects for these were Apsaras ( celestial nymph in Hindu mythology) or popular actresses made to look celestial, gods from Hindu mythology, mother and child, popular characters from history like Shivaji, the great Maratha chief  and political leaders like Mahatma Gandhi. These days I miss those manually painted boards where all movie heroes had the rosiest cheeks ( now replaced by digitally corrected 6 pack Abs) and the women competed for the runners up trophy on wearing conical brassiere. So I was quite happy recently to find a cinema poster depicting Bollywood movie Rowdy Rathore, unfortunately it wasn’t too high on the two points I mentioned above. cf3deb9ee4e345391a09a2805be8e177 The colour palettes were vivid, larger than life sizes conveying various emotions and characters alluring the public to yet another new movie release.   PwswSEqually interesting are the depiction of general and social  knowledge topics used in posters for  schools, primary health  and public programmes. 8056501011_8691dc5d4c_o_d a5920c8a2874eda6fe4fa1f7e828ea13 a54cd245d992b7559cfb90dee1bb4ebdI came across a few posters that were commissioned by the tourism board of India and the state of Nagaland.


here the images were created digitally but I used it as it really sends the message across


“Indianess” – fitted into a single sheet of paper !


Image courtesy –


2 thoughts on “Definition of Indianess (3) – artistic portrayal

  1. Hi ju,
    Thanks for taking us with you on your journey of colour and creativity. Love reading your notes, it not only tells a beautiful story, but beautifully told.
    Keep writing and picking up different issues, needed to be raised today…….

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