Third Anniversary of my blog

Three years ago I asked a young friend, Diya to help me get started on wordpress as I wanted to create a blog. A way of life that I cherish, is rapidly fading away and I want to hold on to the memories of it.

The idea formed, when my three year old daughter came to me with a gift she received, a plastic old fashion telephone toy with a cord attached to the receiver, which you held with one hand near your ear and you have to dial the numbers with the other.
Jiya couldn’t figure out what it was, for her a telephone is a smartphone, where you swipe the screen press a few digits and connect immediately to another face that appears on the screen ( face time) and you chat, make funny faces.

A far away cry from my childhood where we had to book a call, wait for hours for it to get connected and when the telephone rang, wow the novelty of that sound.. the whole household charged for it , including the dogs, house help and visitors. We stood in a semi circle, while my father picked up the receiver and said hello. I think I must have been nine year’s old when I got to make my first call, on my own to a friend .

  These are tales for my children and yours. Memories , nostalgia , blast from the past.

Also stories of  lifestyles, experiences, events that one can still witness and appreciate. The life line of these are very fragile but I hope my posts will interest you to get up and smell the flowers before they fade away.

Below is my paragraph from my first blog.. happy revisiting

I love natural fiber baskets all shapes, colors and sizes! In our home there is always a use for one, hence a greater excuse to buy them! One of my earliest memories  is…

Source: Basket case


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