CURTAIN CALL ADVENTURES – Travel with a local

Area of focus – North east of India


Women of the Mishing tribe, at Majuli, Assam with their fishing baskets. I am hugging the woman who is looking for a bride for her son and asked me to match make with one of my fellow travelers.

Growing up in Assam, I was privileged to live a childhood less ordinary. Fishing in little streams, high tea with the Burra memsahibs and camping on the banks of the Brahmaputra were routine. 

I started my venture – Curtain call Adventures, to explore, admire and understand the North east of India. People living in this region have slowly begun to assimilate into the modern world, but there is a purity of life and most still follow in the footsteps of their forefathers. We offer the following:

1. Small group curated tours to the north east of India where I travel with the group and get them to  share my knowledge and experience – focused mainly on culture, lifestyle, crafts, food and a bit of adventure. I want my fellow travelers to experience the region through my eyes and understand why it is special. I offer good properties to stay at, very comfortable means of transport and the trip is loaded with interactions and great memories to carry back home. I restrict the number to eight or nine guests  so that I am personally able to look after my travel companions.
2. We customize group holidays for people to the North east of India depending on their budget, interest, age group and duration of travel. Here we arrange accommodation, transport and an itinerary and procure necessary permits etc. I also recommend certain activities that I feel will enhance the experience and arrange for local guides, where required. I don’t always travel with the group.

The link below talks about my transition from  design retail to travel. If interested please click on the link.



A small homestead outside the town of Ziro in Arunachal pradesh. Followers of the ancient religion, Doyni polo put up bamboo totem poles outside their houses.